Friday, March 06, 2009

The Open Laboratory 2008 is here!

A Blog Around The Clock : The Open Laboratory 2008 is here!

Once a year, an anthology of the best of the science blogosphere is compiled, converted to PDF, or alternatively, wrapped in a cover with
'Open Laboratory', printed on the front, and published shortly thereafter.

Although I couldn't see specific details of authors included in the 50 essays, one poem and a cartoon, there are nevertheless other details explaining how to get your hands on a copy, either via download at or in traditional book format for those with space to spare on their shelves.

Readers are encouraged to obtain their copy from as the proceeds can more effectively be invested in a similar project, which at a print price of £8.99, or the even lower digital download price of £4.35, should be affordable to the majority of readers; as we see from the linked site...

If you have missed them the first time around, you can still buy the 2006 anthology and the 2007 anthology. Both of those, as well as the new one, are available in paperback or as a PDF download at In a few weeks, the book will also be available at other online retailers, e.g.,, but we prefer that you buy from as the proceeds will go towards organizing ScienceOnline'10 next January.

As always, we will appreciate if you spread the word about the book - the link to the page where you can buy it is, again, here.

For further details of those responsible for putting it all together, just click through to A Blog Around The Clock.

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